about mercurial transitions inc.

Meggy Hai Trang


Meggy Hai Trang grew up in a time where all computer games were type interface, and you had to know MS DOS in order to play them. So Meggy taught herself how to type and use MS DOS. She created her first webpage at 14. It was a Sailor Mercury fan page. There may have been a lot of winking lights and a theme song. Through this, Meggy taught herself HTML. She continued making websites for fun, friends, and family through out college.

It wasn’t until Meggy graduated from college with a BA in Playwriting, right smack in the middle of the recession that she had to figure out pretty quickly what she was good at, and that was websites. Over the past ten years Meggy has founded and continued to develope her freelance company, mercurial transitions inc., collaborating with everyone from start-ups to international corporations.




Need a new logo? We can help you with that. Need an expert illustrator or graphic designer? We know a guy. Need 50 stock images of cows grazing? Sure, got access to that too. Whether it's artwork, social media management, or domain setup, we've got you.


Right Direction

We've been making websites since the 90's and we've seen it all. This industry is constantly evolving and we know what will make you look outdated, and what will make you stand out. We know what technology your target audience actually uses, and we can help you reach them.



Whether your goals are short-term or long-term, we can help you plan, budget, and bring your vision to life. We've handled everything from the creation of a personalized author site to migrating an international multi-language site to another platform. Big or small, we can help you.


Here's a partial list of some of our clients over the past 10 years.